It’s that time of year again, and between now and Christmas, check out our Christmas special shows slotted into various times on the schedule. We start on Monday from 8-10pm!

Great news for Searchers fans. Spencer’s first live solo gig with a band

Over the Christmas holiday period, there will be two special editions of My Generation (the show) which will not be limited to the 60s.

Firstly an all b side show for which the playlist has already been sorted with suggestions from listeners, and the second will be a “They should have been hits” show.

One song that will definitely be in it is this one, written by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley who wrote so many hits. with Dave Dee and The Dozies.

Peter Thorogood did a good version but for me this just shades it for the eery sounding children!

Spencer James latest album is well worth a listen, with excellent re-recorded versions of Searchers live favourites and other favourite songs of his


Thanks to all those who suggested #bsides for the special show.

The playlist is now full, and the show will air during the Christmas/New Year period on

For updates on what’s happening on the station please join the Facebook page at

That time of the year is coming and it’s about time we had another My Generation b side special.

Some may remember two in the past. A two hour show comprising of nothing but b sides. Most voted for by the listeners.
Previous winners have been The Amen Corner’s Satisnek The Job’s worth (B side to Bend Me Shape Me) and the Dave Clark Five’s Because (B side to Can’t You See That She’s Mine) but what will this year’s be?

If you remember getting home from the shop and turning over that 45 to curiously find out what was on the other side only to find you really liked it then let us know!

Just add your choice to the facebook group and your choice might be in the My Generation Christmas b side show! There, I said it!

NOTE For this show your choice does not have to be from the 60s….



Sunday evenings are now something even more special on My Generation. Not only do we have a repeat of the excellent Dance Band Days with Tony Bradley from 10-11pm but starting this week Elaine Tyson‘s Romance Hour commences from 11-midnight repeated at 4am UK time
I have been asked why My Generation isn’t on DAB.

There are a number of costs that a service provider will incur to broadcast on a DAB multiplex.

Multiplex Costs

Multiplex capacity fees vary from multiplex to multiplex. However, as a rule of thumb, the cost of carriage for a mono (64 kbit/s regular DAB) service on a non-London multiplex is around £3,500 to £6,000 per month.

To broadcast on a London multiplex generally costs double.

For a national multiplex capacity would likely cost in excess of £30,000 per month.

In addition, there may be some additional costs of connecting a service from your studios to the multiplex centre. This cost would vary according to your location and the relevant multiplex centre but could cost around £500 per month.

Ofcom Costs
There is a one off application fee of £250 to apply for a DSP licence, and an annual licence fee of £100, not to mention royalty payments to PPL ans PRS and the hardware needed to broadcast.

Need I say more??


Delighted to say that as well as Tunein and Streema you can now listen to us on your Alexa.
With Alexa, just say “Alexa, play My Generation Radio” and apparently there we are!

Do check out the links top right of this page. My Generation facebook pages and twitter links are quite active and you’ll be made most welcome!

Three of the interviews by artists on the Sensational 60s Experience Tour are now on the See page. Next week Mike Pender’s will be added. All can be listened to on demand.