This coming Wednesday 1st April I’ll be joined by Jeff who for some years has been keyboard player with the Swinging Blue Jeans, talking about his book The Alan Bown Set, Before and Beyond.

As well as the Alan Bown, Jeff was in The John Barry Seven who toured with Billy Fury, and has worked with Joan Jett, Gerry Rafferty and Magna Carta to name just three

4-7pm on Wednesday


Delighted to introduce three new quality shows to the station.

Ryan Doran’s Groove Line on Fridays 2-4pm
Steve James’ Blues Cafe 9pm on Thursdays and
Steve Chelmsford with The Mop Tops and The King, 9pm Saturdays

All start W/C 15 March – hope you can listen!


The first of the 2020 interviews has been added to the “concerts and tickets” page.

Looking for Shows?

Both live and pre-recorded shows are available here

NO 60s!!

Looks like we were right to start My Generation Radio and word on the street is that local radio stations across the UK are shunning music from the 60s.

Another reason to tune in to us or tell your smart speaker to “play My Generation Radio!”


For those who complain that bands on stage have no originals spare a thought for fans of Plastic Bertrand fame, his hit Ca Plane Pour Moi is currently being featured in a TV ad campaign.
The song however was sung and recorded by its writer Lou Deprijck so strictly speaking, the “original artist” never performed the song live!


It has come to our notice that a few rogue websites are listing the artists on some tours incorrectly. The Searchers and Gerry and The Pacemakers have both been listed on some sites as being on the Sixties Gold tour.

This is wrong. They have both retired and as of now have no plans to return to the stage.

Please check with the venues concerned if there is any doubt.

Now available to customers of Virgin Media with a tivo box

Go to apps – radioline – my generation Radio


Well we’ve managed to cope with Crazy Jay’s Wacky Record Show on Monday evenings now please welcome Crazy Jay’s Rockin’ Comedy Show, all the way from Las Vegas.

Showtimes are 2-5pm Mondays repeated 4-7am all UK times!

Spencer James latest album is well worth a listen, with excellent re-recorded versions of Searchers live favourites and other favourite songs of his

For updates on what’s happening on the station please join the Facebook page at

Why isn’t My Generation Radio on DAB?
There are a number of costs that a service provider will incur to broadcast on a DAB multiplex.

Multiplex Costs

Multiplex capacity fees vary from multiplex to multiplex. However, as a rule of thumb, the cost of carriage for a mono (64 kbit/s regular DAB) service on a non-London multiplex is around £3,500 to £6,000 per month.

To broadcast on a London multiplex generally costs double.

For a national multiplex capacity would likely cost in excess of £30,000 per month.

In addition, there may be some additional costs of connecting a service from your studios to the multiplex centre. This cost would vary according to your location and the relevant multiplex centre but could cost around £500 per month.

Ofcom Costs
There is a one off application fee of £250 to apply for a DSP licence, and an annual licence fee of £100, not to mention royalty payments to PPL ans PRS and the hardware needed to broadcast.

Need I say more??


Delighted to say that as well as Tunein and Streema you can now listen to us on your Alexa.
With Alexa, just say “Alexa, play My Generation Radio” and apparently there we are!

Do check out the links top right of this page. My Generation facebook pages and twitter links are quite active and you’ll be made most welcome!

Three of the interviews by artists on the Sensational 60s Experience Tour are now on the See page. Next week Mike Pender’s will be added. All can be listened to on demand.